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Welcome to the home page of the 22nd North Carolina Troops.

         The 22nd North Carolina Troops are devoted to honoring and remembering the gallant men of the original 22nd N.C. Our goal is to recreate and educate. We mean to recreate the life of the Confederate Tar heel soldier through authentic uniforms, equipment, and military drill. Our desire is to educate both young and old about the sacrifices the men of the Old North state made during those trying years of the War Between the States.

  The 22nd NC was originally assigned as the 12th NC Volunteers.  In September of 1861, the regiment was  numbered and designated the 22nd NC Troops. At its completion of its organization the regiment numbered nearly 1,000 of enlisted men. This number would dwindle from the 22nd's first major battle during the Seven Days campaign at Mechanicsville. They would continue on through out the Peninsula Campaigns to assist in rescuing Lee's flank at Sharpsburg, to the bloody fields of Gettysburg where only 321 of the regiment were available for duty - loosing 50% of that number by the end of the third day. The weary veterans, still filled with sense of duty and pride, made their last march to the McClean House at Appomattox Court House, where they surrendered only 13 officers and 97 men in the ranks. Their memory, sacrifice, and honorable accomplishments are our desires to preserve.

 First at Bethel

 Farthest to the front at Gettysburg and Chickamauga

 Last at Appomattox!

Soldier of the Month


This has been the rally cry for Tar heel troops for over a century, and the 22nd NC Troops Reactivated has once again heeded the call.

Upcoming Events

   May 2nd - 4th
   150th    Wilderness                   /Spotsylvania
           Spotsylvania, VA

   Aug. 1st - 2nd
       150th Crater         
             Petersburg, VA

     Sept 13th -14th
 Skirmish on the Creek         Wilson Creek, NC

150th Sharpsburg AAR
Soldier of the Month

Pvt. Adrian C. Sims

1958 - 2014

Adrian C. Sims
Flank March